Dream of: 14 July 2002 "Neil Young"

My sister was driving a car in which Carolina and I were riding; Carolina and my sister both looked as if they were in their late teens. A fourth person was also in the car. The car must have been a convertible because all of us were sitting in the open air. The previous night, Carolina and my sister had stayed in the same room together. Before going to bed, I had given my sister some strong marijuana, which she and Carolina had smoked. I now began asking my sister how Carolina had reacted to the marijuana. I told my sister that Carolina had never smoked marijuana before; but my statement didn't seem quite correct; it seemed that Carolina had once before tried to smoke some pot, but she hadn't gotten high on it. I reflected that I myself hadn't smoked any marijuana in many years, although I sometimes still thought of smoking it.

My sister said that Carolina had become extremely inebriated by the marijuana; even today, Carolina still appeared to be disoriented and was not paying attention to what my sister was saying. My sister said that Carolina had reached a THC level of 200. I was not familiar with average levels of THC, but I understood that anything over 100 was very high; so Carolina must have reached a maximum level.

We were headed to a school which we were all attending. We were going through some city streets, crowded with pedestrians. As we passed through an intersection, my sister almost ran into someone walking across the street. After we had passed the intersection, I told my sister I would like to drive. She drove a short ways further and stopped. I scooted over into the driver's seat and began driving. But the vehicle didn't seem like a car – more like a bicycle, even though four of us were aboard. I had to peddle like a bicycle; with so much weight, the going was difficult.

The condition of the street didn't help; the street was made of red brick and was under construction. There were two layers of brick; the bottom layers was complete, but the top layer was only partially finished. Thus I had to weave to try to stay on the finished brick of the top layer. It was difficult at first; but I gradually got a grip.

Quite a few people were walking right out in the street. Up ahead of us I saw someone I recognized: the musician Neil Young. He was probably in his mid 30s and had shoulder-length brown hair. I pointed him out to the others and said, "That's Neil Young."

As we drove past him, I said, "Hi, Neil."

He looked back, smiled and replied, "Hi."

Obviously he didn't know me; but people probably said hi to him all the time.

I continued trying to laboriously peddle down the difficult street. Up ahead the top layer of bricks was coming to an end. I would have to stop there.

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