Dream of: 13 July 2002 "Four Black Dogs"

Carolina and I had recently acquired four new black dogs – small long-hairs each about a foot long. Planning to take the dogs for a walk, I was standing in front of the Summerdale Drive House with them – as well as Chaucer and Picasso. Suddenly, all six dogs ran across the street. Only now, as I began hollering and chasing them, did I see dozens of other people with dogs on the other side of the street.

The dogs paid no attention to my screaming; they ran down to the corner and turned right on Hurstview Avenue. I ran after them for several blocks, all the way down to Grapevine Highway. I was extremely worried because the traffic was so fast here, the dogs would surely be killed. On the north side of Grapevine Highway was gathered yet another group of people with dogs. Picasso and Chaucer ran into the group and approached a large brown bulldog which I was afraid would attack them; but it didn't. I was able to run up to both Picasso and Chaucer and snap the leashes on them. What a relief!

The black dogs weren't as important to me as Picasso and Chaucer – I hadn't yet grown attached to the black dogs; so if the black dogs were killed in traffic, I could handle it. I decided I would take Picasso and Chaucer back to the House, then return for the four black dogs. Picasso, Chaucer and I headed back and soon reached the House, where Carolina was waiting. After I had quickly explained the situation to her, we put Picasso and Chaucer in the car, got in and headed back to the highway. When we were about a black away from the highway, I told Carolina I could see one of the black dogs lying in the road, that it had obviously been hit. This was going to be a terrible scene. I would have to try to get the dog out of the road; I would have to be careful, because if it were only injured and not dead, it might bite me.

After I had retrieved the injured dog, we would have to go looking for the other three dogs.

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