Dream of: 10 July 2002 "Rats In The Trunk"

I was standing in an alley behind the place where Carolina and I were living in a run-down area of the city. On the ground in the alley about ten feet from me sat a trunk with the lid open. The trunk was half-full of clear water; swimming in the water were five or six dark-gray rats. Fascinated and disgusted by the sight, I watched the rats try and try to climb out of the trunk; the sides were too slippery and every time they tried to climb out, the rats fell back inside. Finally, the rats grew desperate and began frenetically swimming in circles, faster and faster; again they would try to climb out and again they would fall back into the water. An ugly yet mesmerizing sight.

I turned and walked back inside our little room where Carolina was waiting. I now remembered that Carolina and I also had a trunk in our little sparsely-furnished room and that our trunk also contained a couple rats swimming in water. After seeing how frenzied the rats outside had become, I was now worried that the rats in our trunk might also become crazed. I needed to warn Carolina to be careful, and then I needed to get rid of the rats.

I immediately looked for the trunk; it had been closed and scooted under a chest of drawers Carolina must have done it. Maybe the rats would just drown; the trunk looked tight. But I was concerned about something else: Carolina and I had $10,000 in cash we were carrying around with us. Had she perhaps stuck the money in the trunk in a pocket in the inside of the lid? I had heard that rats would eat anything. Would they eat our money? If the money was in the trunk, I needed to open the lid and take out the money. I turned to Carolina to ask what she had done with the money.

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