Dream of: 08 July 2002 "Astronomia"

I was walking along a sidewalk in Washington D.C. where some work was being performed on one of the curbs. A plaque had been uncovered under the concrete on the curb; the concrete was now being chipped away to reach the plaque which described how this parking place had once been used by one of the presidents. Was the plaque made of gold? Could someone steal it?

Continuing along, I walked into a school building and entered an auditorium which somehow reminded me of the auditorium of Grant Junior High School. I was a student there; I hadn't been studying there long. I had the feeling other people in the auditorium recognized me. My old high school principal, George Heller, walked down the row in front of me. Then he walked into the aisle and signaled me. He was shorter, heavier and older than when he had been the principal of my high school. I felt a bit important when he signaled me, as if everyone would be impressed because the principal recognized me. What could he want? I recalled he had once dated my mother a few times. Could his signaling me have something to do with her? He walked down my row; I stood up and moved toward him. When we met, he began talking about his first wife who had only recently died; he said he had attended her funeral. At first I thought he said the funeral had been near Washington D.C., but then I realized he was saying the funeral had been about 25 miles south of Columbus, Ohio. He acted as if he didn't care much about his first wife. Then he walked away.

I sat back down. Sitting on my right was one of my teachers – a woman with long dark brown hair (probably in her mid 30s). Exuding just a touch of Hispanic, she was slender and attractive. We talked; our faces moved close to together as we whispered in low voices. Again I thought other people would be impressed to see me with her. But more importantly, I liked being with her and I hoped she liked me. She asked me to put my hand on top of her head and I did so even though the position was uncomfortable for me. People must really think we were a couple now. I lightly massaged her head; she liked it.

When it was finally time to go, the woman and I stood up and walked out together. She seemed to enjoy talking with me. She was a history teacher. I wanted to find out which areas of history she knew about. I was thinking to myself I probably knew more history than she did. I even thought of saying so to her; but then I thought better of it because then she might want to know how old I was. Since I was in my mid 50s (even though I looked much younger, about her age in the mid 30s) she might not be as interested in me if she knew I was so much older. So, instead, I simply asked her if she were interested in American history. She said she was. Surely – I thought to myself – I would know more American history than she.

As we walked down the outside stairs, it seemed as if we were getting off a bus. Many busses were in the parking lot in front of us. Thinking I would impress her, I began floating out over the parking lot about ten feet off the ground; surely she would have to be impressed at this sight. Dozens of other students were also leaving the building; but no one seemed to pay much attention to my extraordinary ability. I hoped I didn't lose control and make a fool of myself; but I handled the floating well and after a short while I glided back next to the woman, lightly set down and continued walking in the parking lot with her. She didn't even mention the fact that I had been flying.

As we walked, we picked up our conversation where we had left off. She and I seemed to have quickly developed a close rapport; talking with her was such a pleasure. I asked her if she were interested in other areas of knowledge. She said she also liked astronomy. I was happy to hear this because I also liked astronomy. I said "astronomia" in Spanish. I wanted to show her that I spoke Spanish and that I had also studied some of these subjects in Spanish; but mostly I wanted to concentrate on finding some value in history. Even though I knew much history, I was uncertain history had any value; I wanted to probe the value of history.

Astronomy seemed to me to be helpful in this probing. I wanted to point out how insignificant the history of the earth was in comparison to the universe. Even the study of astronomy could be insignificant – how could, therefore, the study of the history of earth be important? She seemed to understand what I was saying; but she also believed in the importance of history. As an example, she talked about countries which had guns. She said sometimes the countries with the most guns weren't the actual manufacturers, but only the importers of guns. She seemed to be trying to say that this kind of knowledge was important and that history was useful in acquiring this knowledge.

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