Dream of: 02 July 2002 (2) "Neglected Duties"

I was lying on a small bed in a small bedroom which I had been sharing with my sister. Her same-sized bed was a on the other side of the room. I was thinking about how she had recently told me that she no longer wanted to have any sexual contact with me. I was disappointed that she had assumed this attitude because I still wanted to have sexual contact with her. 

When she walked into the room, I held my arm over my face so she couldn't see my eyes. I became aroused as she pulled off her sweater and stood in front of me in her white bra. Surely she knew I was watching, even though she couldn't see my eyes; why would she undress in front of me? She continued undressing, taking off her bra. She moved around so I could clearly see one of her breasts. I began speaking to her. She stepped into view so I could see her face. By now I was quite aroused and I had pulled off all my clothes, revealing my erect penis. I though she would probably cover her breasts; but she didn't. I concluded that even though she protested that she no longer wanted sexual contact, she still did. She was fighting against it, but the desire was still there.

She walked over and sat on her bed. I stood up naked. She was clearly looking at me. I continued talking, trying to persuade he to let me touch her, trying to remind her of how enjoyable our past relationship had been. I sensed that she was weakening, that she also wanted to be near me. I continued moving closer to her bed, more hopeful that she would allow me in bed with her -- when suddenly she stood up and rushed from the room.

Almost immediately my ardor died. I didn't have time for this foolishness. I had many things which I needed to do today. I pulled on my pants and walked out into the hallway.

When I reached a neighboring room, I was surprised to find my brother Chris (about 15 years old) lying on his back on the floor in the doorway, dressed in a bulky black and white sweater. Was I supposed to be taking care of him? He calmly pointed toward his groin area where I could see a yellow urine stain. He then calmly pointed to a bag under his pants on the side of his leg -- a bag full off urine? I hadn't known that he had been fitted with a urine bag! Obviously the bag was full of urine and some had leaked out onto the carpet. I touched him and got some of the sticky gel-like urine on my right hand. I rose back up and headed toward the sink in the room to wash off the urine. Clearly I had been neglecting my duties; I would have to immediately clean and take care of Chris. 

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