Dream of: 02 July 2002 "Out-Of-Bounds"

I was playing a game similar to soccer, except the ball was a small white whiffle ball instead of a soccer ball, and the players were using sticks to hit the ball instead of kicking it. I had just started playing for the first time in the game, which was almost finished. I was inexperienced, but I had some idea of how my team's performance might be improved: I thought the ball should be put in play more on the sides of the field, rather than in the center.

Our team had control of the ball. Someone hit the ball toward the goal; the ball looked as if it were going to go into the net; but then the ball swerved off to the side. I ran after the ball as hard as I could, but I couldn't reach the ball in time and it rolled out of bounds. I was uncertain what to do; but I decided to simply pick up the ball and put it on the white out-of-bounds line. I was about to knock the ball back onto the field when I looked back up the field and saw that all the players were leaving the field. Apparently the game had ended. I might as well head off the field myself.

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