Dream of: 01 July 2002 "Innocuous"

My mother and I were sitting in the back of a modern church filled with people. A sermon was taking place. After a short while, the preacher asked a question – which had something to do with converting to Christianity – and people began standing up. Since so many other people had stood, I also rose to my feet. I didn't think anything would come of my standing; but the preacher than asked for all those who had stood to walk outside. I felt trapped. Apparently a ceremony was going to take place outside for those who had stood. I told my mother that I had changed my mind and that I didn't want to go outside. Nevertheless, when the others filed outside, I followed.

Outside, the people who had stood in the church now knelt down on their knees in two long lines – probably 50 people altogether. I was amazed that so many people had suddenly decided to embrace Christianity. I was embarrassed to be among them. I was definitely not interested in becoming a Christian. I had always shunned these types of conversions. Yet I also knelt down with the others.

A woman began singing a religious song; her voice was beautiful. I listened intently. At least – I reflected – being here was basically harmless. I certainly could be doing many worse things with my time. Even though I didn't believe in what was going on here, being here was basically innocuous.

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