Dream of: 30 June 2002 "Trespasser"

Carolina and I were standing outside the suburban brick home where we were living. I was talking to her about a game which we were playing against two other groups of people. We hadn't yet met the people in either of these groups, but just a short while ago I had seen one of the groups ride past our house on bicycles. I had concluded the bicyclists were headed to the house of the third group to spy on them. I suggested to Carolina we get in one of our cars and drive to the house of the third group; that way perhaps we could see what both groups looked like. Carolina agreed.

Just as we were ready to walk behind our house and get one of our cars, a junky black car jerked up in front of our house. Instead of parking in front of the house, the driver pulled into our yard – which had a couple of slopping terraces – up over both terraces, and parked on the grass in front of the house. The car was filled with a brown-skinned Hispanic-looking family. A short skinny man – apparently the father – jumped out of the car and started walking toward the house next door. I was so surprised by what had happened, I needed a moment to collect myself. I quickly began walking toward the man and hollering at him that he couldn't park here. He looked at me and speeded up, trying to reach the neighbors' house. Infuriated by his avoiding me, I hollered to Carolina to call the police. I then hollered at the man that I was calling the police. Still he ignored me.

I again told Carolina to call the police. But I was worried that by the time the police arrived, the fellow would have returned and moved the car. I told Carolina we should pull our cars – the Lumina and the BMW – around to the front of the house and block the black car from leaving. I didn't want him to get away before the police arrived.

Carolina and I headed around behind the house. She got the Lumina and I got the BMW. But when we pulled back around front, the junky black car was no longer here. I parked the BMW on the street and stepped out. A group of several people was standing on the lawn of the neighbors' house, the house where the intruder had been headed. I walked toward the group. I didn't see the trespasser there, but maybe someone could tell me who he was and what had happened to him.

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