Dream of: 30 June 2002 "Mannequin"

A small team of people and I were playing a game against another team. We were in a place which seemed partly like a large room and partly like a cave. Since we hadn't ventured into part of the cave, I decided our team might obtain an advantage if I were to go to that part. I slipped into the unexplored area, climbed up on a rock formation and took a seat. The rock formation seemed to be dangling from the ceiling – like a very large inner tube, only made of slate-like rock – with a hole the middle where I could sit. As soon as I had taken my position, a member from the other team entered this area of the cave – on his stomach – like a reptile. I pulled off a piece of the slate and dropped it on his back.

One side of the cave looked like the wall of an ordinary room. In the side of the wall was a doorway – high up on the wall, about ten feet high from the floor of the cave. A long plank ran to the door; but the plank was slopping upward from the door almost to the ceiling. From my elevated position I was able to reach up toward the ceiling and pull down the end of the plank so that the plank was now level with me, forming a narrow bridge from my hanging rock to the doorway in the wall. The plank was narrow; I hesitated to step onto it, but I was curious about what was on the other side of the door.

A member of the other team was standing on the floor of the cave. I invited him to climb onto the plank, walk to the door and pass through with me. I wasn't trying to help the other team – I was simply concerned that some danger might be lurking beyond the mysterious door; if so, I wanted a member of the other team to face the danger with me. But the other fellow didn't join me. Alone, I stepped onto the plank; I inched closer and closer to the door, finally reached it and stepped through.

I stepped into the hallway of a large building – maybe a hospital or a school. Nobody was in sight; it was very quiet. And it seemed spooky. Various items were stacked along the wall, including a disquieting mannequin of a man. The mannequin seemed particularly eerie, as if it had been placed here purposely, as if it might even start speaking. I could turn back; but I felt compelled to venture on into the mysterious atmosphere. Maybe I could gain an advantage over the other team here.

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