Dream of: 19 June 2002 "Moving To Houston"

After paying a short visit to Houston, I had decided I wanted to move there. I had been thinking of once again setting up a law practice, and Houston would be a healthy place to do so. The city surpassed the Dallas-Fort Worth area in size and sophistication. The history of Houston was some of the most captivating in Texas. And I was impressed with the road system and how the freeways compactly encircled the downtown area in several loops; the speed of the cars in Houston mirrored the speed of the life-style there.

I looked at a map of the area; most people tended to think that Houston sat on the coast; but the city was actually about fifty miles inland. On the map I could still see the original island on which the city had been founded: Riker's Island. An explorer named Riker had sailed from the Gulf of Mexico up a river until he had found several islands. He had decided to found a settlement on one island, which he had named Riker's Island. From this small beginning, Houston had grown.

What must it have been like for that early explorer to have left his homeland behind and move to a distant country? To face all the unknown dangers in this new world? I would also be facing new challenges, although not nearly as daunting as those of the early explorer. I would have to look for new legal clients in Houston. I still had a few clients in the small town of Weatherford, west of Fort Worth, which I needed to tend to. I wondered whether I had missed any court dates in Weatherford; I needed to check on that. And then I needed to begin preparations for the new move.

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