Dream of: 17 June 2002 "Keeping In Touch"

It was the last day of high school. I was a bit sad because I might never see many of my classmates again. I walked outside and found one of my classmates sitting behind a desk. He was about 30 old and looked exactly like the actor Robin Williams. I sat down across from him and we began talking. We hadn't known each other well in high school, – had never been close friends. But now that we would be separating, I felt rather close to him. I told him we might not see each other again for 20 years.

Suddenly I had an idea: we might be able to keep in touch over the internet. I asked him if he had an email address. When he said he did, another thought came to my mind: I could send him copies of my dreams. I already had a list of people to whom I regularly sent my dreams. It would be a simple matter to simply add him to the list. Of course, I might be carrying things a little too far; after all, I didn't really know him that well – maybe he wouldn't be interested in reading my dreams. Finally, I hit upon a better idea: I would simply give him the address of the web site where I kept my dream journal. If he wanted to visit the site and read the dreams, he could. If he didn't want to read the dreams, the choice would be his. On the web site he could find my email address and write me if he wished.

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