Dream of: 16 June 2002 (2) "Lexem Regis Cognosco"

With a group of perhaps twenty other travelers, I was touring parts of the United States in a large recreational vehicle (RV). We passed through a rural area which was rapidly being developed by new homes. Older buildings had been, or were being, torn down. One beige brick building which was partially torn down had been owned by the U.S. government – a plaque could still be seen on the building identifying it.

We passed through a verdant picturesque valley surround by mountains. Houses now stood where once there had lain only open fields. Part of the valley had been converted into a park for RVs such as the one I was in. Rows of the vehicles were lined up in the park. All of them had their wheels removed; there must be an ordinance here requiring the removal of wheels from parked RVs. This might be a good place to stop for the night.

I was lying on a bed inside the RV. Several women passed through my room – my fellow travelers. I hadn't yet met any of the women; but maybe I should. I focused in on three different women, taking note of their appearance and how they were dressed – (so much could be learned about a person by the way he or she dressed). All three women were probably in their early 20s. All were attractive although not ravishing. All had less than medium-sized breasts. One with black hair was particularly alluring. Since all of us would only be together on the trip for another week or ten days, if I were going to get to know them, I needed to act quickly.

I signaled one of the women to me. As I lay on my back on the bed, she walked up to me and I began talking with her. I quickly came to the point and asked her if she would like to go out with me tomorrow. I told her that when we stopped for the night, we could go together into the closest town. She seemed hesitant. But after we had talked for a while, she finally agreed. And after we had talked even more, she even crawled into bed and lay down beside me. She talked on the phone with someone for a while, and all the while we moved closer and closer together. Her leg lay across my penis, which was erect – obviously she could feel it. Her flimsy pullover-top hiked up so I could see here breasts; but I couldn't see her nipples – they seemed to be covered by a layer of skin.

I asked her how old she was and she said she was 19 – about what I had figured. She then asked me. I knew I was 33 years old, but I didn't want to tell her – I seemed so much older than her. Instead, I thought I would tell her I was a lawyer – in Latin. I said, "Lexem regis cognosco," which I thought was Latin for "I know the law of the realm." I also thought to myself if I wanted to say, "She knows the law of the realm," I would say, "Lexem regis cognoscit."

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