Dream of: 15 June 2002 "Leaning Tower"

My step-uncle Ivan and I had walked to the area where the old milk house used to stand at the bottom of the hill behind the Gallia County Farmhouse. About 20 white roosters with red cockscombs were standing together near the well-house. I was surprised to see so many roosters and no chickens.

Although the big loafing shed was between us and the Farmhouse, I was able to look over top the loafing shed and see the Farmhouse on the hill. The Farmhouse sported a new addition which looked like a square tower, three or four stories tall. The tower appeared to be leaning somewhat to one side in a way which reminded me of the leaning tower of Pisa. I pointed out the tower to Ivan and mentioned the leaning tower of Pisa to him. We moved a little so the loafing shed wasn't between us and the Farmhouse. Now the tower no longer appeared to be leaning. I thought perhaps the loafing shed was unlevel, causing the tower to look crooked.

       I wondered if the tower would hold up against a heavy wind? Probably; it was attached to the Farmhouse on the lower levels and constructed of heavy lumber. It appeared quite sturdy.

A black wolf-like animal was sitting near me. When it began to come right at me, I didn't know what its intentions were, but I hoped it wasn't going to attack me. It seemed harmless at first, but as it drew closer, I realized its eyes had turned red. It became furious and growled fiercely. As it approached, I noticed the hair on its back standing up. The animal seemed to have transformed into  an evil creature, but still had the shape of a wolf. As it came closer, I could see every evil scary thing about it. I became frightened. Then out of nowhere came a larger similar animal which seemed to be coming in my defense. The two animals began fighting and tearing into each other. The animal which seemed to be defending me was winning. It won the fight and looked at me with soft peaceful eyes. I thanked him. He nodded and ran off into the woods.  

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