Dream of: 07 June 2002 "Surviving In The Basement"

As I was driving alone in my car, a spectacular funnel cloud appeared on the horizon. It was long, thin and straight a powerful sight. I passed behind some trees and lost sight of the cloud for a moment; by the time I reemerged from the trees, several more funnel clouds had appeared darker, thicker and more ominous. I must find somewhere to hide immediately!

Some houses stood on the sloping side of a small hill up ahead I headed toward them, pulled into the side road where the houses stood and drove up the hill. I pulled into the driveway of one house and ran up to some people standing in the door. I frantically pointed out the funnel clouds now bearing down on us from all directions and pleaded to be allowed to go to the basement of the house. But the person in the door calmly and firmly stated that the house had no basement and refused me entrance. I didn't believe the person; but I had no time to argue. I turned and ran down the street to the next house.

This time the person in the house was much more accommodating and immediately let me come inside. Just before I stepped in, one of the funnel clouds pounded toward the house, only a few feet away. The other person and I raced toward the basement at the same time the funnel cloud slammed into the house. The basement had several small rooms, all painted white. I ran into one of the rooms and crouched down on the floor. Was this a bathroom? I seemed to detect the faint odor of sewage. And would I be safe here? The house was beginning to shake. Would it simply collapse on top of me? The noise and shaking became fierce then began to subside. Gradually the shaking almost completely stopped. The tornado had hit the house and moved on. I had survived.

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