Dream of: 04 June 2002 "Ragged"

I was chauffeuring my mother and my father – who were both quite old – from place to place in a car. When we stopped at the home of a family they knew, a man and a woman (probably in their late 50s) invited us in. The three of us walked into the house and we all sat down at a table. The man – who was quite thin – sat at the far end of the table. The son and daughter of the man and woman also joined us. The son was in his mid 20s while the daughter (who had curly black hair and was sitting on my left) was in her late teens. I had seen her years ago when she had been much younger. Now that she seemed much more mature, I thought I might like to get to know her.

Food was brought out. I wished we had brought something with us to offer; when visiting someone like that, it seemed polite to bring something. I would probably not eat much of anything. And how ragged my parents and I looked! We hadn't even combed our hair. And I had a hair about five centimeters long which was coming out above my left lip. I had recently shaved and I didn't know how I had missed the hair.

My father began talking. He was quite obese; I felt sorry for him. He began flailing his arms about, explaining that he was 70 years old and ill; his hands were shaking. The couple seemed surprised to learn of his illness. Neither my mother nor I said anything.

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