Dream of: 01 June 2002 "Mosaic"

Paris – people were promenading along a wide smooth-stoned boulevard, perhaps in a park; trees and shrubbery lined the borders. No one seemed to mind that I had lain down on my back to take a rest in the middle of the boulevard. A woman wearing white was also lying not far from me on the pavement.

A girl came along doing flips; she would stand up straight, fall backward on her hands, then flip over on her feet. She performed this feat all along the length of the boulevard. Was I limber enough to flip like that? I doubted it, even though I used to be able to do forward flips.

When I stood up and began walking along, Carolina joined me. I was happy to see her, especially here in Paris which I loved so much. A large poodle with purple hair ran close to us; I pointed the poodle out to Carolina and called it to me; but it ran past without stopping. A tall elegant woman signaled the dog to her.

Near us was a fountain; on a slab of rock close by the fountain was an intriguing mosaic – about two meters wide and about a meter high. I quickly recognized the figures portrayed: Romulus and Remus being suckled by the she-wolf. Also on the mosaic was a phrase of five or six Latin words. I read the words and mulled them in my mind. The colorful picture and Latin words sparked a thought. I had earlier seen a couple other historical pictorial displays on the streets of Paris. (Oddly, however, I had noticed that I had seen no statues, as if all the statues in Paris had been removed). Now I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to memorize the Latin phrases which accompanied all the historical displays. I would be spending much time on the streets of Paris; I would simply make a point of visiting and revisiting these displays day after day, learning about the historical events portrayed, and memorizing the Latin. What a pleasing way to spend my daily walks.

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