Dream of: 22 May 2002 "The Bare Floor"

I was planning to move into a house where my sister and my brother-in-law were living. It seemed another member of my family – perhaps a brother – was already living somewhere in the house. I was far from pleased with this move: I was only going to be allowed to live in a small area in the living room about four feet wide and eight feet long. My little area was going to be behind a couch; I would only have the bare floor to lie on, with no furniture or belongings. My brother-in-law – who seemed amiable enough – was in the process of preparing the little area for me. As I stood in the living room (which was very small to begin with) I was overcome with doubt. Why in the world would I want to move into this little hole? Surely there was somewhere else I could go. I just wanted out of there; yet for some reason I felt compelled to stay.

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