Dream of: 21 May 2002 "Virgin"

I was lying in a bathtub of water. Through the drawn curtain, I could hear Carolina on the other side talking with a woman who was her friend. I knew the woman: like Carolina, she was an attractive Hispanic with coal-black hair. Although the woman was probably in her mid 20s, she was still a virgin.

I stood up and opened the curtain, allowing myself to stand full naked in front of Carolina and the woman. The woman seemed embarrassed by my nudity – but she didn't leave; I suggested that she and Carolina both join me in the tub. The woman seemed reluctant, but Carolina didn't seem to mind. To my delight, they both peeled off all their clothes and climbed into the tub with me.

All three of us were sitting up – I was at one end, the woman was in the middle, and Carolina was at the other end; the water crested at our necks. More than ever I could now see how beautiful the woman was, with her deep dark hair and her magnificent full maiden-form breasts. I reached under the water and began caressing the woman's breasts; she didn't stop me.

Finally, the woman and I lay down in the water next to each other, while Carolina remained sitting at the far end of the tub. I continued to caress the woman's breasts, moving my hand down to her pubes. Although she didn't stop me, she kept her legs pressed tight together. My finger reached the outer edge of her labia; she pressed her legs tighter, obviously resisting further advance. Should I suggest that she might need to wash her vagina? Probably better not to say anything; I would just lie here and enjoy being next to her.

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