Dream of: 20 May 2002 "Hope Of Success"

Myers (about 30 years old) was working on a project which she just couldn't seem to complete correctly. I approached her and showed her how she could start her project all over. She did so – several times – but she still couldn't seem to finish the project properly. Finally, however, she was triumphant. Once she had finished, she and I walked together from the room.

As we descended some stairs, I slipped my left arm around her waist and pulled her a little closer to me. She didn't resist. I wanted to know more about her. I had only seen her a couple times since we had graduated from high school. I didn't want to waste time with idle chatter; I wanted to talk about something worthwhile. I asked her, "Are you hot or cold? Are you a success or a failure."

She immediately responded, "A failure."

Her answer intrigued me. Had she given up on life? Or did she believe it was still not too late, that she could still succeed? Maybe I could help her. I had a positive outlook on my life. Even though I sometimes felt like a failure, I persistently maintained the hope of success. Maybe I could help instill that same hope of success in her. Maybe that was why she seemed to want to be with me now.

We walked outside and boarded a car. I sat in the driver's seat and she sat next to me. I was surprised when she bent her head to mine and gave me a short kiss. I was even more surprised when after I had driven for a while and came to another stop, she again leaned over to me and this time planted a much longer and more passionate kiss on me. Maybe Myers and I would start spending more time together.

I would have to write about this meeting with her on my web page. I reflected that I had created a separate web page which contained an index of dreams in which my old high school classmates had appeared and the names of the classmates who had surfaced in those dreams, but only my latest dreams were indexed on the page; I still needed to add the many dreams from my early years. I recalled I had recently had a dream of another female high school classmate – Maynard. I needed to do a search of all my dreams and include on the classmate-page all the dreams in which Maynard had appeared.

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