Dream of: 18 May 2002 "Nietzsche"

As Carolina and I were sitting next to each other, a fellow who looked like the actor Jimmy Smits walked up and began talking with us. We were all fairly young and were all attending the same school – a school for which I held little regard. As the fellow and I talked, I made it clear to him that I was dissatisfied with the school. When he asked me what I was looking for, what interested me, I blurted out, "Nietzsche!"

I didn't know whether this fellow was familiar with Friedrich Nietzsche. I myself had only recently begun reading one of Nietzsche's books, so I still didn't know much about Nietzsche. However, I had been impressed by something I had read at the beginning of the book. In one passage, Nietzsche deprecatingly talked about how philosophers searched for the truth. Nietzsche asked: why search for the truth?; why not search for the untruth? Nietzsche's argument had struck a chord with me, and as well as I could, I tried to explain the argument to the fellow with whom I was now talking: that searching for the untruth was as valid a quest as searching for the truth. I told the fellow that if I myself had developed this theory, people would only ridicule me. But by using Nietzsche as an authority to support the argument, I was able to focus people's attention and they would at least listen to what I had to say.

Carolina had continued listening to my convoluted argument. I enjoyed talking with this fellow about something which I had read. I hoped he and I might get to know each other better. Searching for the untruth rather than the truth made good sense to me. Nevertheless, I added, "Notwithstanding Nietzsche's argument, I'm still going to be searching for the truth."

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