Dream of: 16 May 2002 (2) "What Happiness"

I was looking through a fence into an enclosure which contained a pond and various animals. I stepped down on a wall and moved closer to the animals. Several silver pieces of metal about the size of silver dollars were strewn over the ground. I had visited this place before; the last time I had been here I had found similar pieces of metal. I picked up some pieces, aware the pieces could be cashed in for money for money or food. Normally a person would cash in the metal; but animals could also cash in the metal for food. Thus when some animals (including a fox) walked up to me and begged for the metal, I let the animals take the pieces of silver in their mouths. I enjoyed doing this; but I felt sorry for the animals, forced to obtain their food this way.

A woman who had seen me here before acted as if she couldn't believe what I was doing. From my previous behavior (I had previously kept the metal for myself and had not given any to the animals) she had concluded I was too selfish too give any metal to the animals.

I also gave a piece of the metal to a man standing near me. I thought he would give it to one of the animals; instead he stuck the piece of metal in his billfold. I said something snide to him because he was so selfish.

Finally I walked outside the enclosure unto a city street with a European ambience. From a street vendor I bought some food – a solid dark green substance which I cut into slices. I planned to take the food back into the enclosure and distribute it to the animals. Instead, I sat down on a bench which was facing a round fountain. As I watched the flowing water, I became aware this fountain had some religious significance. Other people were also gathered around the fountain. Although the people seemed French, they suddenly began singing in English. I was quite moved by the singing. I reflected that I was presently traveling, and that I could simply spend the whole day sitting here if I wanted. Unlike most people, I had the time to spend in places like this. I might stay here for a while. The women sang out, "Oh what happiness a fountain can bring!"

Tears came to my eyes – sitting here was so pleasantly moving.

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