Dream of: 16 May 2002 "Scholarships"

While I was a student at a school, I was called into the office of one of my teachers, a beautiful woman who looked exactly like the actress Sandra Bullock. She was probably in her late 20s – only slightly older than I – and I had a crush on her. She handed me an envelope which I opened. I looked at the contents – I had won a scholarship to study in a European country! I had previously received another scholarship – so this would be my second one – and I would now have to decide which scholarship I wanted to accept. I was ecstatic about having received the scholarships. I began looking at the terms of the one in my hand, trying to determine how long it would last and where I would be studying. The teacher also seemed happy for me.

When she stood up to leave the room, I wanted her to know I wasn't simply a student here. I told her I was already a lawyer. She seemed surprised and somewhat impressed. I added that I had $50,000 in savings. I thought to myself that I actually had quite a bit more than that, but $50,000 should be enough to impress her. Although she seemed somewhat impressed, she walked out of the room, leaving me uncertain about whether she was interested in me.

I returned to looking at the contents of the envelope which she had given me. Some pictures showed a small college in a remote area. Students housing was in a circular area. Even though the pictures weren't very appealing, I was still excited about going to Europe. I might choose the college which had offered the first scholarship I had received. The decision would be difficult.

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