Dream of: 11 May 2002 (2) "Question In A Crowded Church"

trust in what you know to be true

I was sitting in a crowded church, where only men seemed to be present, most of whom were dressed in suits and ties. I was uncomfortable because I was only dressed in everyday clothes, barefoot, with a towel or sheet wrapped around my head. I was somewhat relieved to see that a fellow sitting a few spaces away to my left had taken off his shoes and revealed that he was wearing two different-colored socks; but, still, no one else seemed to be as casually dressed as I.

A man was walking around and asking questions. He stopped and asked the fellow sitting next to me whether he trusted Jesus Christ as his lord and savior (he also asked something about the apostle Paul). I hoped he wasn't going to ask me. I didn't want to upset everyone here by saying I wasn't a Christian; but I didn't want to lie either and say I was. I thought about the question which had been posed. The man had asked the other if he "trusted" Jesus Christ. Perhaps I could honestly say I "trusted" Christ because even though I didn't accept Christ as my lord and savior, I did trust much of what Christ said to be true. I wouldn't be lying to say that I trusted Christ.

02 December 2015

In order for life to have meaning, one's soul must be immortal. Without immortality, life is meaningless.

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