Dream of: 11 May 2002 "Otherworldly Spirits"

Gathered with several members of my family in a house, I was informing them that I had contact with otherworldly spirits. Everyone was skeptical of my story because I had no direct proof of the contact.

Finally I walked alone down to the dank and dimly lit basement. As I proceeded toward a back wall, a gust of wind buffeted me. Quickly the gust turned powerful and became so strong it picked me up in the air. I knew what was happening: this was no ordinary wind; a malevolent spirit was causing the wind. I was blown around the basement from side to side. Frightened that I might be blown against something sharp and hurt or impaled, I screamed, "No! No! No!"

I hoped someone upstairs would hear me and come down to see what was happening. As unpleasant as this experience was for me, maybe some good would come of it; maybe someone would see what was happening and realize I had been telling the truth about the otherworldly spirits.

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