Dream of: 10 May 2002 "The Nature Of God"

I was visiting my mother, who was living in a small cottage. When I had arrived, I had carried piles of my belongings into the living room and spread them everywhere. As I began sorting through the stacks, I discovered a blue-covered record album. Unfortunately, the cover was damaged by some tape sticking to the front of the album – half the album cover couldn't be distinguished. I began carefully peeling off the tape until finally I had removed it all; the result was quite satisfying: the cover was colorfully appealing. When I set the album on the floor to scrutinize it more carefully, the album looked more like a colorful metal lunchbox, of the collectable variety. I was quite pleased with what I saw.

As I had been working, a car conveying two men had pulled up and stopped in front of the house. The men were now walking toward the front door. I recognized them – a couple of preachers who had previously stopped there to visit my mother. I didn't particularly care for them, but at the moment I thought it might be interesting to talk with them. One of them looked exactly like the U.S. congressman Dick Gephart. I was a bit embarrassed as I opened the door – with all my things piled about – and I told them they would have to kick their way through.

They walked in and I invited them to have a seat. After surveying the room, one of them found a place to sit on the couch, the other on a chair. They indicated they were in a hurry and wouldn't be able to stay long. I said something about their being rushed "as usual"; obviously they only intended to pay a short visit.

I was unsure whether they were proselytizing or simply wanting to visit my mother; but I was in the mood to talk. Specifically, I wanted to talk about God, about the nature of God. I wanted to ask them if they only gave the usual pat answers that "God is great and God is good," or whether they actually understood something about the nature of God.

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