Dream of: 14 April 2002 (3) "Singing Amidst The Trees"

I was showing a man around the Gallia County Farm; we were walking in the area above the old tobacco barn. He apparently wanted to do some farming on his own, even though he had never lived on a farm before. He was especially curious about cows (apparently he wanted to raise cows), and he asked me how many calves a cow normally had in a year; someone had told him four, and he wanted to know if that was correct. I had to think a little. I pointed out that cows had favorite spots where they liked to give birth. For example, a cow had just given birth this morning to a calf under a large tree not far from us. This tree was a favorite spot for cows giving birth. I pointed out another such tree, and then I pointed up to the top of the hill (a place we had named "hospital lane") and described it as a place where cows often gave birth. Finally returning to the question, I told him cows sometimes gave birth twice a year, but on the average, they only gave birth once a year – definitely not four times. Whoever had told him four times had been misinformed.

We sat down on the side of the hill below the tobacco barn and looked over the wide vista of Symmes Creek. I could hear signing down below; I kept looking until finally I could see some men standing amidst the trees singing. When they had finished their song, they stepped out of the trees and climbed up the hill toward where we were sitting on a rather steep part of the hill. Several times I started to slide down the hill, but I caught myself each time. I didn't want to slide into a barbed wire fence which was right in front of us.

Approximately 20 men came up to where we were. They lined up in front of us and began singing. The experience was quite pleasurable. Could I join a singing group like this? Throughout my life I had tended to not join groups; but now I was at the age where I would like to be part of a group – I could see the advantage of it.

One of the men was the actor Robin Williams (about 40 years old). All the men were wearing white tee-shirts and blue pants or shorts. One man was wearing a white tee-shirt which said something about law school. I reflected I had also gone to law school; that fact might make me more acceptable to the group.

The men continued singing for the man and me. I thoroughly enjoyed it

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