Dream of: 14 April 2002 (2) "Playing Games"

I was in a large video-game store. Some of the games were installed in a row of televisions and could be tried out in the store. I found a game which I wanted to play and I began trying to make it work. However, I had difficulty because I first had to plug in two different black wires (one set of wires was for the controls) into the front of the television set.

As I worked, Clifford stepped up (he looked to be in his late 30s) smiling and apparently happy to see me. I immediately wondered whether he had read (on my web site) any of my dreams in which he had appeared; I had had quite a few dreams of him. I thought I had always thought of him respectfully in the dreams. It seemed as if my dreams of him had often expressed an interest in saying something to him which I had never been able to say to him in person. Even now, I didn't want to talk to him about the dreams in person; I was just curious as to whether he had read them.

I continued trying to get the game to work but I had no success. A little black boy stepped up and switched the wires, but the switch didn't help and I switched the wires back. I tried some different wires but nothing seemed to help. I had to bend over while I worked on the set. Finally I stood back up. I was ready to give up and move on to another set. I saw one game which was for auto racing. Another was for shooting. This was a good place to come to try out video games.

Clifford was still standing right beside me. He was taller than I and seemed stronger, just as he had in high school. But now I noticed something new: he had become quite fat. I pointed to his stomach and said that he certainly beat me in that area. My stomach had also become bigger over the years, but I reflected that I – unlike Clifford – was skinnier than the average person my age.

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