Dream of: 14 April 2002 "West Virginia Rooming House"

My mother, my father and I had been traveling through the mountains of West Virginia. We had stopped in a small picturesque town and as we were walking around the streets, we noticed an attractive modular mobile home sitting on the porch of one building. A man standing nearby detected our interest in the mobile home and he began explaining that it belonged to the man who lived in the large building. The man who owned the building was a trader; he bought and sold all kinds of things; the mobile home was an example. Curious, my mother, my father and I walked into the building.

The interior seemed like a comfortable rooming house. Several rooms exhibited interesting glass items sitting on shelves. Apparently these objects had been collected by the man over the years. Refrigerators were also in several rooms. I had the feeling that many people rented rooms in the building and that they put their food in these refrigerators.

Quite a few people circulated around us. I became separated from my father and mother for a moment and when I looked back at them, they were talking with Louise. Wearing a pink top, she looked about 30 years old. Astounded to see her there, I walked toward her and said hello. She smiled and then walked up some stairs. I turned to my parents who told me Louise had told them that Louise's mother lived there in this rooming house. I was flabbergasted. Of all the places in the world, we just had to stumble into the very place where Louise's mother was living! I told my parents that Louise would now think I had been following her and I hadn't been following her at all. Only by accident had I bumped into her there in the mountains of West Virginia.

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