Dream of: 13 April 2002 "Risky Escape"

I was standing on a stone platform old weathered gray stones overlooking a wide river. I was in a prison from which I planned to escape by jumping into the river. Another man was with me a fellow prisoner; we were friends; he and I would jump into the river together. I looked down into the water; a long jump, perhaps 20 meters. The water was turbulent; several small boats were floating on the surface, moving very fast; the current must be forceful.

Looking downstream, I could see several overgrown islands. Beyond the islands, the river divided into two forks one fork veering to the left and the other to the right. My friend and I might have a problem staying together in the river; if we became separated we would probably never find each other again, we would be in such a hurry to move on. Perhaps we should tie our wrists together; I could tie my left wrist to his right wrist. Tying wrists would be dangerous because we needed to be able to swim. Perhaps we could practice moving our arms to get the feel of the rhythm.

The escape seemed too simple: there wasn't even a fence to keep us from jumping. Perhaps sharp stakes had been planted under the surface of the water; if we jumped, we might become impaled. Nevertheless, I would risk it. If I escaped I would also not finish the school in which I had been studying while I had been in prison. But it didn't matter; I had missed too many classes I had missed a week of classes and then had been warned not to miss any more. But then my mother had died and I had missed another week of classes; so I was bound to fail anyway. I would try to escape

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