Dream of: 11 April 2002 "Clogged"

In Portsmouth, riding around with several teenagers, I felt like a teenager myself. I was going to go to a party later and I invited my companions to join me. A fellow and his sister were throwing the party at their rather exclusive home. I had a date with the sister and I thought my companions would be allowed at the party, but I was unsure.

The talk in the car turned to marijuana – no one had any. One fellow – older than the rest of us (probably in his late 30s) – was against the use of marijuana and made some threatening statements; he wasn't a cop, but he was acting like one. He was sitting in the front and I was in the back. I could see his face in the rear view mirror. He threatened to search me and I told him if he searched me he would be committing an assault. He didn't believe me. I said that at least in Texas it would be an assault and I thought it would also be an assault there in Ohio.

Finally we dumped off the threatening man. Five or six of us were left. We picked up another fellow – a short fellow younger than the rest of us. We then stopped the car, entered a building which looked like a rooming house and walked into a room with bare hardwood floors and a bed. The younger fellow pulled out a joint and we all began smoking. I took several hits. As I smoked, I pulled out a dollar bill and began examining it. On the back of the bill was much information – such as charts and graphs – which I had never noticed before. I thought I could spend a lot of time reading this information. I asked one of the other fellows whether he knew about all this info, but he wasn't interested. A black girl who was with us asked for the roach. I took another hit and said, "Finally."

I meant that I was "finally" stoned. I hadn't smoked any pot in more than a year, but now I was finally stoned again. Unfortunately, my head now head felt clogged. I was enjoying the high, but what would I do now? These teenagers didn't seem all that interesting. What could we talk about? I was beginning to regret having smoked. 

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