Dream of: 07 April 2002 (2) "Avoiding The Truth"

Even though I was a bit peeved with her, my sister (about 20 years old) and I were having a friendly conversation. Someone said something about "the truth," and I seized upon the subject to accuse my sister of trying to avoid finding the truth. I told her our goal in life should be to seek the truth, and I added somewhat pontifically "the truth shall set you free." My sister I pointed out misguidedly avoided the truth and sought falsehood instead.

My sister was wearing a skirt and as she talked, she had allowed her skirt to hike up so that her white panties were clearly visible. Staring at her panties, I blurted out, "Show me more." To my delight, she pulled her panties to the side so I could clearly see her brown pubic hairs.

I needed no further inducement. I quickly led her to a side bedroom. We disrobed and I lay down on top of her. I had never actually had intercourse with her, but she seemed so willing, I didn't hesitate, and I thrust my penis into her vagina. She seemed small, but was able to completely accommodate me. The sensation was sheer pleasure. I only hoped no one would stumble into the bedroom and discover what we were doing.

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