Dream of: 07 April 2002 "A Mystery"

Two young men marched into the apartment where I was living and announced that they were police detectives, and that they were looking for something here: a compact disc (CD) with a picture of Kennedy (a female classmate from high school) on the front. They showed me a CD which was supposed to resemble the one which I had. I told them that yes, I did in fact have such a CD and that it might be in the back room.

I had only lived in this apartment for a few days and I hadn't fully moved in. Although the apartment was spacious, it seemed bare. We walked through several rooms all with hardwood floors to the back room, where my computer was set up. I told them they could search the room if they liked; but instead, they held their hands straight up in the air, as if they didn't want to touch anything, and allowed me to search for the CD. I quickly found it, and told them they could put their hands down. As I handed the CD to one of them, I realized the picture on the front was of a different woman than the one which they had shown me. I immediately became suspicious. Were these two men to be trusted? I suddenly remembered that two medical doctors had earlier been to the apartment, and the doctors had give me the CD which I was now turning over to the supposed police detectives. I blurted out, "Are you going to kill me?"

They didn't answer, but they seemed unthreatening. However, I was utterly baffled. I didn't know why I had the CD or why these men were seeking it or even who they were. And what did Kennedy whom I had hardly even known have to do with all this? The entire situation was quite a mystery.

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