Dream of: 05 April 2002 "Lollypop Song"

I was riding a motorbike through New Boston in a hurry to pass through the town when the motor suddenly stopped working. I stopped to check it out; the bike wouldn't start. I stood on the sidewalk, uncertain whether I was out of gas or whether the battery had died. A friendly fellow probably in his mid-twenties pulled up next to me on a mid-sized maroon-colored motorcycle. I asked him where I could charge my battery. He gave me directions to three different places, the nearest of which was just a few blocks away. I asked him to repeat those directions. He did so and then pulled off on his motorcycle. I wished I had a motorcycle like his instead of this little motorbike. But, at least I was still able to peddle my bike. So, pedaling, I headed down some back streets through sections of New Boston which I had never seen before.

Desperate to get out of New Boston, I reached a scenic part of town where picturesque houses surrounded a small park. Encircled by a little rock fence, the park was traversed by white concrete sidewalks. The houses around the park looked like lovely miniature German castles. Many children under 10 years old dressed in little Bavarian-style clothing were in the park. One ancient woman was with them. The children were doing a skit and singing a song with sounded like the Lollypop Song from the movie The Wizard of Oz. I had to be careful as I steered through them. Were bicycles even allowed here? I finally managed to squeeze through. I might like to come back here someday and visit. But now, I just wanted to move on as quickly as possible and get out of here. I had such a desperate feeling.

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