Dream of: 03 April 2002 "Grapes Of Wrath" 

I was attending a four-year college in Waco, Texas; I had only begun my first quarter of classes. I thought I was taking four courses which totaled 14 hours per week; but then I realized I should also be attending an additional English class. Unfortunately I had failed to attend any English classes so far, and I had already been going to the other classes for several weeks. Was it too late to go to the English class? I had a vague notion of who the English professor was a man (about 50 years old). If I simply started showing up for class, would he realize I had missed all the previous classes? If I didn't start attending the English class now, I might have to stay in Waco for an extra year; I certainly didn't want to do that.

I met with a fellow-student a woman (19-20 years old) who had started school at the same time as I. I told her I hadn't attended any English classes; my schedule was so hard the way it was, with three more English classes every week, it would be very hard, especially on Thursday when we had classes all day. She agreed.

Nevertheless, I felt compelled to begin attending the English class. I asked the woman if she could help me catch up with the English lessons. She seemed reluctant. But at least she told me that the first essay paper in the class was due this week. The subject of the essay was John Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath. I thought I could write a good paper about the book. I probably knew more about English than most other students; if I could just start going to class unnoticed I might still be able to pull it off.

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