Dream of: 20 March 2002 "Wilderness Living"

I had built a little building in a clearing in a forested wilderness. A woman and I were living there far away from anyone. Sometimes the woman seemed like my grandmother Mabel, sometimes like my mother, and sometimes like my wife Carolina.  While I was sitting outside our accommodations one day, I looked up into the sky and saw something flying around overhead. I hollered for my companion to come and see. At first the contraption looked like a big old cargo plane, but I pointed out that it only had two wheels when I thought it should have had three. As it circled in closer and closer, it just looked like some kind of strange circular contraption (about 3 meters in diameter). I could tell that it had some kind of propeller inside. Finally I could see someone inside. The person saw me and waved at me. As it circled closer to the earth, I thought it was going to crash. I wanted my companion to go with me to the crash site to see if there were any survivors.

Finally, the contraption landed safely in a little valley down below us. A man and a woman stepped out and walked up to our place. I talked with them. The woman (about 25 years old) had long blonde hair and was very pretty. We talked about all kinds of things, including how I might go up with them in the flying machine. I could wear a parachute. The woman mentioned that I might want to wear a tandem parachute with her. She joked that I might want to do that just so I could be next to her.

The woman living with me fixed us some macaroni to eat and we all sat down at a table. I told them the macaroni wasn't that good, but actually it did taste good. I didn't have any meat but I did have some vegiburgers. The man had brought a big ham. We chopped up the ham on a platter, but I didn't eat any. In the end, we had a big meal. Everyone ate and everyone seemed to enjoy it. I had macaroni, beans and something else on my plate. I ate everything, scrapping up the last little bit. Finally the woman living with me took the plate away.

While we were at the table, the man said he was from Nevada. Apparently they were flying around because they wanted to find somewhere different to live. I told them I didn't think I would want to live in Nevada because it would be too hot. He said the trouble with Nevada wasn't the heat, but the snow. Apparently Nevada was a white wasteland most of the time. So he wanted to escape. I had never thought of Nevada like that. I had always thought of Nevada as being hot, not as being snow-covered. 

When we had finished eating, the man and woman wanted to go for a walk and look around the area. After they waked off, I walked down into the valley. I could still hear them talking and suddenly the woman hollered to me and asked me what was my favorite cartoon show. I tried to think. I seemed to recall several animated shows similar to sitcoms which came on in the evenings, but I couldn't remember the names of any of them. I hollered back that I liked one which had a similar situation as this, where a fellow was living out in the woods and two other people flew in and visited him. I asked her if she had ever heard of that one. She said she had.

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