Dream of: 18 March 2002 "Curiosity"

I entered a foreign country in which I had been talking with someone about some of the rules which needed to be followed in a foreign country when strangers were encountered.

I had noticed that a fellow had followed me into the small place in which I now found myself. When I stepped outside, he followed me outside. When I slipped back inside without his seeing me, I realized the fellow was trying to catch me alone, probably so he could rob me.

One rule I was following said that if I had trouble with someone like that, I should move on. So I quickly moved on and ascended to the roof of the building. Standing on the roof, I was carrying a large thick notebook.

I turned around and saw someone standing right behind me. I looked up in the face of someone standing in front of me and I realized the person was Austin (around 20 years old), my old junior high and high school classmate.

I immediately knew that he had followed me up to the roof. I thought it strange to be meeting him in a foreign country like that, but there he was.

In my notebook were a bunch of my dreams, as well as pages written about people I knew who appeared in my dreams. I looked at him and lowly exclaimed, "Austin!"

I immediately felt a sense of camaraderie with Austin. I thought he probably knew much more about me now. He had probably read the web page which I had about him on my web site. Of course, I also knew him better since I had dreamed of him numerous times. Now, however, we definitely knew more about each other even though I had perhaps never spoken to him in the years when I had known him in school.

When he smiled, I knew he was going to question me about the fact that I had a page on my website which contained information about him. He didn't seem upset about the page. Nevertheless, I thought he might be somewhat concerned.

He and I sat down and began talking. He was quite cordial, but I perceived that he wanted to look into my notebook. After I handed it to him, he began flipping through it. He wanted to know if I had the page about him in the notebook.

I mentioned that I hadn't even included all the dreams in which he had appeared on his page. I had dreamed of some many people, and I was only now going back through old dreams to see what people had appeared in them. I wished my lists were more complete, but my lists were a work in progress. I wished the lists were finished, but they weren't.

I was a bit worried. I wasn't quite sure what he thought about the web page. At first I thought he had no problems with it, but then I thought he might want to tear the page out of my notebook and destroy the page. So I was a bit concerned.

I was also concerned because I had created the web page without talking about it first with Austin. I had made similar pages about other people, and I didn't know what those people thought about that. I therefore had some ground for concern. At the same time I felt basically comfortable with the web pages I had made. I thought most people who had seen the web pages about them had been unperturbed, and indeed, may have been (Austin included) flattered with the web pages. In truth, however, I didn't know what Austin thought. He played the roll of someone who wasn't going to say immediately what he thought.

Now we were sitting on the roof. Someone else had walked up and sat down with us. I had an inkling of who he was, but he held his head down at first so I couldn't see his face. When he finally raised up his head, I realized the person was my old junior high school classmate, Wood, and I muttered, "Wood."

I could hardly believe that he was also up on the top of the roof of that building. Here was someone else from my distant past who was probably curious about why he had been appearing in my dreams.

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