Dream of: 17 March 2002 "Remainder Interest"

I looked into a mirror and saw that, unawares, I had been wearing some strange things on my face. Five or six beads were attached to what appeared to be a leather string hanging down from my lower lip. Someone had stuck the string on my lip without my being aware of it. I was also wearing some little pins and things hanging down over my eyes. Five or six little beads were on different pins stuck on my face. I had been with some people and I hadn't even been aware that all the things were on me.

As I started pulling the things off, I was surprised by how much better I looked without them. I was about 20 years old and I had a thick head of good-looking short hair. I continued to look in the mirror and to be amazed at the difference after I had taken the things off my face.

After I had finished clearing my face, my mother and I went to the Pike County Farmhouse (located on the 200 acre Farm in Pike County, Ohio where my paternal grandparents had lived before moving to the Gallia County Farm in 1964). I had learned that my paternal grandmother Mabel and my paternal step-grandfather, Clarence had moved back to the Pike County Farm. When my mother and I pulled up in front of the Pike County Farmhouse, an old red car (which still looked good) was sitting in front. We had to pass through the front of the car in order to reach the Farmhouse. Clutter was everywhere in the car. We went through one door of the car and out the other, then walked into the Farmhouse.

Clarence and Mabel were in the Farmhouse. Glad to see Clarence, I hugged him and told him I loved him. I then hugged my grandmother. I could tell that they were both upset because they had been forced to move back to Pike County. I started talking with them about it.

I had earlier been to the Gallia County Farm, where my father and my step-mother had told me that Clarence and Mabel had moved back to the Pike County Farm. I didn't understand why they had moved back. I hadn't expected to find Mabel upset about the move, but she was very distraught. She could hardly believe that my father had forced her to move off the Gallia County Farm. Obviously her whole attitude toward my father had changed and she was very unhappy with him, especially since she was now so old. I noticed that all her nick knacks had been moved back to the Pike County Farmhouse, which definitely wasn't as nice as the Gallia County Farmhouse. I told Mabel I didn't understand why my father had made her move. It didn't seem right. Most people continued to move up in life when they moved to another house, not back down as my grandmother had been forced to do by moving back to this old Farmhouse.

Some other people were in the Pike County Farmhouse. I looked for my step-uncle Ivan (Clarence's son) and Ivan's wife Molly,  since I knew Ivan and Molly had lived in the Pike County Farmhouse for a long time since my grandparents had originally moved out of the Pike County Farmhouse, but I didn't see them anywhere; I was unsure what had happened to them.

My mother and I finally decided to take Mabel somewhere. I asked Clarence how far the Pike County Farm was from Portsmouth. When he said it was about 40 miles, I realized the Pike County Farm was about the same distance from Portsmouth as the Gallia County Farm was from Portsmouth. I thought when Clarence had bought the Gallia County Farm and had moved there from the Pike County Farm, he had probably been looking for someplace about the same distance to Portsmouth as the Pike County Farm because he liked to travel that distance when he went to work in Portsmouth.

My mother, Mabel and I boarded the car which my mother was driving. Mabel and I sat side by side in the back seat and talked. Finally, however, I spread my legs apart and she sat between my legs with her back to me. I put my arms around her and hugged her. I was surprised that she had become so fat.

Mabel mentioned that a woman had been on the Gallia County Farm for two days, and that during those two day, my father and my step-mother had had sex for a total of 130 times. Mabel asked me if my father was using any drugs, and I told her I didn't think so. I didn't know of his taking any pills. I wasn't surprised, however, to hear that he had sex all the time. 

As Mabel continued talking about why she had moved to the Pike County Farm, she seemed to be reconsidering whether she would bequeath the Gallia County Farm to my father when she died. I told her I had recently been thinking a lot about that subject, even though I hadn't previously thought much about it. I told her the worst problem was my father's refusal to tell me what he intended to do with the Gallia County Farm. Mabel had always divulged her intentions, just as my mother had always said what she intended to happen to her estate. My father, however, wouldn't say. His reticence made me suspect my father had decided to give the Gallia County Farm to someone else and not to me.

Mabel realized if she left the Gallia County Farm to my father, then my sister and I would receive nothing because my father would give everything to my step-mother. Since my grandmother was closer than ever to death, I thought about the subject more than ever. Mabel said she knew it was on my mind. Finally I suggested that she change her will. I told her she should leave a life estate in the Gallia County Farm to my father, with a remainder interest to my sister and me. I tried to explain that my father would then have the use of the Gallia County Farm all his life, but she would be sure that my sister and I would finally receive the Gallia County Farm.

I knew persuading my grandmother to change her will would be difficult, but she seemed amenable to the idea.

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