Dream of: 25 February 2002 "Trip To India"

A man was driving a car in which Carolina and I were riding in the back seat. We were returning home after a journey to another land. Carolina and I were supposed to take another trip together in two days, on Friday; but Carolina abruptly stunned me by telling me that she and her mother Paz were planning to drive to India on Friday to visit Carolina's grandmother, Maria Valencia. Clearly I wasn't invited.

I erupted in anger. I accused Carolina of having known about these plans for many days and having concealed the plans from me. I shouted, "Whore!." The car stopped and I jumped out. But I soon returned to Carolina and asked her why she hadn't invited me to go to India with her and her mother. She sheepishly looked away. Clearly Paz didn't want me to go to India with them.

The car had stopped because we had reached a small store out in the country. Although it was early in the morning, we had previously ordered a pizza, and we were supposed to pick up the pizza at this store. Now, however, I had lost my appetite, and I wished we hadn't ordered the pizza. The driver stepped out of the car and headed for the store.

Meanwhile, as I stood outside the car, I decided I simply didn't want to continue on with Carolina; I would simply stay here. Several houses dotted this lonely stretch of road; I could find someplace here to stay.

Having decided, I walked off and quickly found a house for rent; I entered, carrying a suitcase, and began examining the premises. It would do. Small, only one room, but sufficient for my needs. A bed dominated the room. It brought back memories of when I used to live alone. I walked around the edges of the room. One of the walls appeared to be damaged, as if it were caving in. But the defect was barely noticeable.

Several children walked into the room, followed by a woman. Apparently this room was sometimes used as a classroom for the children. I stretched out on a couch, anticipating that the woman would begin giving a lesson to the children. To my surprised delight, however, she walked over and lay beside me on the couch. She was probably in her mid-twenties, slim and feminine. She pressed close to me. We seemed to fit together, as if it were perfectly natural for her to be lying next to me.

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