Dream of: 24 February 2002 "Treasure Hunt"

A little family a man, a woman, and their son (about 12 years old) were in a car heading east on the main road out of New Boston. Without warning from a side street on their right a police car pulled right in front of them, then sped off down the street. The entire family watched the police car travel a couple more blocks and stop in front of a bar.

Throughout, I witnessed the event through the eyes of the man. I wasn't actually the man, but I continued to experience the world through his person.

Since a second police car was already parked in front of the bar, the little family concluded a fight or disturbance had erupted inside the bar. And being a curious family, they decided to stop and see what was happening. They parked their car, stepped out, and walked into the bar.

To their surprise, all was quiet inside. Two police officers were sitting alone at the bar, each drinking a beer. The little family stood close to the officers; the family was a bit indignant (especially the father) that the one officer had recklessly pulled right out in front of them just so he could reach the bar and have his beer more quickly. The father mumbled something about the officer hurrying here for his beer.

The police officer immediately reacted, demanding to know who the father was. At once the father saw his error: however offensive the police officer might have been, it would be unwise here in unfamiliar surroundings to foment problems with officers of the law. So the father, in a friendly manner, began telling the officers a little about himself.

The father explained that he and his family solved mysteries together. Right now they were on their way to find several sacks of silver dimes which someone had buried. As the father portrayed the coming search for the dimes, his narrative was so vivid, I could actually see the family looking for the dimes. In the scene, the three of them were out in the country, in a field, climbing over a barbed-wire fence; the dimes were supposed to be buried somewhere on the other side. I specifically noted how much the boy looked like Harry Potter and thought how similar this treasure hunt was to an adventure which Harry might undertake. The whole family seemed to be enjoying themselves. Even the fact that they might tear their clothing on the fence, or even that they rarely if ever found treasure seemed of secondary importance. What mattered was that they relished the search.

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