Dream of: 11 February 2002 "Deer Hunter"

I had rented some video tapes from a gas station in a little town. I had been staying in a motel about 40 miles from the town, but I had checked out of the motel. I had brought back four tapes to the gas station, but I also had four more tapes which I had left in the motel. The four tapes which I had brought back were due today, but the ones in the motel weren't due until tomorrow. I thought the people at the motel would find the tapes and send them back to the gas station.

Another fellow who had been with me had done the same thing, rented tapes and then left them at them motel.

I walked into the gas station and sat down. Four or five men were sitting inside and talking about people who rented tapes. They said that when people didn't bring back the rented tapes, their credit cards would be charged for the full value of the tapes, about $100 apiece. I figured in my case that would be about $400. The men were also talking about adding some kind of interest. I figured the interest would amount to a couple more dollars per tape, so the total would be about $410. I was beginning to realize I was going to have to drive the 40 miles back to the motel, pick up the tapes, and bring them back. As the men talked about how stupid the guy was who had failed to return his tapes, I stood up and told them I was that guy.

One thin fellow (abut 40 years old) called me a derogatory name and I called him a name back. He stood up belligerently, as if he were ready to fight, but he calmed down and sat back down.

As everyone regained their composure and started talking about autographs, I noticed Robert DeNiro (around 40 years old) sitting amongst them. Apparently DeNiro sometimes came to this little town for visits. I decided I would ask him for an autograph. I couldn't find any paper, but finally pulled out a little scrap piece of paper (it looked like a receipt for something) from my billfold and I asked him if I could get his autograph. He looked at me funny, but then took the paper. I asked him to sign on the back of the receipt, but instead he signed on a signature line on the front. He signed his first name "Leroy" and he signed the last name with a strange name beginning with "K."

When he handed the receipt back to me, I was down on my knees in front of him. I told him I was disappointed because he hadn't signed his real name. I then said, "Deer Hunter was your best movie."

I wanted to tell him Taxi Driver had been his second best movie and I wanted to discuss movies some with him, but he pulled me close to him and told me the other fellows didn't know who he was. I could hardly believe it. Obviously he didn't want to talk about his movies. He didn't want me to blow his cover. Apparently he visited these people and sat and talked with them, but no one knew who he really was.

I stood back up. I could hardly believe what he had told me. As I turned to leave, another fellow pulled me over to the side and told me that there was gold in this town and that he wanted me to go into business with him. He told me that many people came into town, and that we could go into business to make money off the people. I didn't want to talk to him; I just wanted to get away. I told him I would be back in about a month and we could talk about it then.

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