Dream of: 09 February 2002 "Bequests"

As I was riding in a car which my father was driving, he said he was thinking about having a meeting (he had a special name for the meeting) and telling everyone how he intended to distribute his estate when he died. He asked me if I thought this was a good idea and I replied, "Yes."

I thought the idea was excellent; I hadn't understood why he hadn't done this long ago, why he had continued to keep secret his intentions for his estate. Whatever he intended to do, it would be better to know now.

He had decided to have the meeting immediately and we quickly arrived at the location of the meeting. I entered and sat down in a room with perhaps 40-50 people, all of whom apparently had an interest in my father's estate. I was surprised to see so many, especially since I saw hardly anyone whom I recognized. I sensed that my sister, as well as her sons (my nephew David and my nephew Steven), were in the room, but I didn't see them.

My father was sitting in the front of the room. Another man was sitting near my father, probably my father's lawyer. My father began by introducing me. He said, "This is my son, Steven." I stood up. I felt strange, because I didn't know the people in the room. Everyone looked at me and I sat back down.

My father began passing out pieces of paper to the people in the room. Written on each piece of paper were the items which that person would receive. Of course my father clarified that his will hadn't actually been executed yet, that these were the bequests which he was presently intending to bequeath, but that circumstances might alter the actual will. My father mentioned the name of someone named "Sandy." I had never heard of her, but apparently she was receiving something from my father.

I opened my paper, looked at it (the items were hand-written) and I saw four or five numbered items. The first one was "The Farm." The rest were minor pieces of personal property. I could hardly believe what I was reading. The Gallia County Farm was going to be mine! I had long ago given up hope of receiving the Farm, which I had thought would be tied up in some kind of trust, or go to my sister. I was overwhelmed. I could feel tears forming in my eyes and soon the tears were falling down. I stood up, walked over to my father and said, "Thank you." Words seemed insignificant and these seemed like the only two words needed.

As I sat back down I could hear my sister in the background she had just realized she hadn't received the Farm and from the sound of her voice I could tell she was upset.

What would I do now? I would definitely move to the Farm. If my wife Carolina didn't want to come with me, I would leave her. I would have moved to the Farm long ago, but I hadn't believed I would ultimately inherit it. Now that I was assured I would receive it, I could begin plans for the future. I would definitely live on the Farm, even if doing so meant leaving Carolina.

Now I could finally plant trees. I could promote wildlife. I would immediately stop any hunting on the Farm. No one, not even David or Steven, would be allowed to hunt. Of course they could visit the Farm anytime they wanted but they wouldn't be allowed to kill animals. I could just envision different types of wild animals which could flourish on the Farm if the hunting were stopped.

I stood up and looked out the window. Only now did I realize I was on the Farm. We were all in a room built up in the air, apparently on high poles; I could look out the window and view a wide swath of the Farm. I was surprised to see the Farm almost completely surrounded by houses. Apparently much building had been occurring of late. Whole communities had sprung up around the Farm. Nevertheless, the wildness of the Farm was still intact. Even though the Farm was surrounded by villages and houses, the Farm could still serve as a refuge.

As I looked around, I suddenly realized I hadn't seen my step-mother. What had my father left to her? He had probably simply left her cash. Since I had only been given the Farm, ample other property was left for her. I was unconcerned about that; I had received what I wanted.

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