Dream of: 03 February 2002 "Music Programs"

As I was driving around Columbus, Ohio, reflecting that I had spent the last several months taking full loads of music courses in college, I suddenly experienced a revelation: I could combine my legal knowledge and my music knowledge! I could work in the local school bureaucracy as a manager of school funds and determine which music programs would be funded. What an unexpected thought! In the past I had intensely disdained anything having to do with local schools or their budgets. And now I was actually contemplating focusing my attention on such matters. I had experienced this kind of change in the past – where something which had previously been of no interest to me suddenly became extremely important. This was another example of such a change of direction.

I had come to a stop on street dotted with quaint, old-fashioned red brick buildings. Slowly I became aware that some kind of event was taking place in an open area, like a park: twenty or thirty teenagers were singing. I was about to continue on, when I realized that this was exactly the kind of affair in which I needed to take an interest: high-school music! Not only were the teenagers in the park singing, but a separate group of teenagers was singing on the second floor of a red-brick building next to the park, apparently a building of some historical importance. Doting parents and solicitous spectators were gathered around the teenagers in the park and around the teenagers in the building. Some of the spectators in the building were even standing outside on a second-story balcony. All the teenagers in the building appeared to be dressed in white. The singers in the park and the singers in the building seemed to be singing back and forth to each other.

I wondered if the event had anything to do with Christmas. If I were to actually work in the school bureaucracy, I would have to become familiar with the laws regarding religious restrictions. Of course, my main interest, however, would be simply to determine where the money was spent, which music programs I favored, and how to divert the money to those programs.

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