Dream of: 21 January 2002 (3) "Team Of Horses"

I was in the living room of the Gallia County Farmhouse. The room was bigger than usual, encompassing the entire area of the new addition. Two of my father's girlfriends were also in the Farmhouse, even though my father wasn't there; he was away somewhere with a new girlfriend at the moment. I didn't understand how the women were surviving here, but apparently they were. One woman was thin and wiry; the other one was in the kitchen. A boy was also in the House.

While the women were busy with something, I began working on a project, something like a sculpture. The boy watched me. I was using molten iron to create the sculpture. First the sculpture looked like a group of horses, then like a beautiful cow made of smooth black marble. I pointed out some pits in the marble to the boy, but I told him the pits were ok. When the sculpture finally solidified, it looked like a bull and a herd of cattle, watched by a large vulture which looked as if it were made of porcelain. The vulture's leg came off and I didn't think I would be able to put it back. Nevertheless, the sculpture still looked good.

Other people had gathered around in the House while I had been working. Some children and a woman who was apparently their teacher had shown up. I could sense she wanted me to give some advice to the kids. I was afraid she was going to ask me something about drugs. If she did, I would tell the truth, that I didn't care if the kids used drugs. It was up to them.

When she did finally ask me a question, I bluntly told her that I didn't want to get involved in what she was doing, that I only wanted to be left alone to do what I was doing, creating this piece of art. I thought about Henry David Thoreau. I would have liked to have been able to quote something from Thoreau about just being left alone to create, but I couldn't think of a quote. Nevertheless, the woman finally got the message and she moved on, leaving me to continue working on my project.

When I finally picked up the sculpture and carried it into the kitchen, it seemed like a big long ship with many pieces. As I held the sculpture, I realized I hadn't followed all the instructions for making the sculpture. The boy was still watching me. I pointed out to him that I had some instructions, even a little video machine with a video which showed how to create the sculpture, which apparently it had hundreds of pieces. I thought watching the video would have been very tedious. I still had quite a bit of work to do to complete the project. I told the boy the sculpture had been quite complicated, more complicated than I had originally anticipated.

When I set down the finished sculpture, it turned out to be a team of galloping horse pulling a covered wagon. It was rather stunning. 

I reflected that I often worked in this fashion. While other people were taking care of their daily duties, I ended up creating something permanent. Here I had created a beautiful sculpture while the others in the Farmhouse had been messing around and doing nothing.

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