Dream of: 21 January 2002 "Egyptian Language"

Some other people and I were in a room which seemed like a college library. My wife Carolina (about 20 years old) was also in the room, sitting over to the side. One person in the room was a woman (about 25 years old) with long brown hair; I had previously met and talked with her. I liked her. She began talking with Carolina and me and told us she had visited France eight times. I told her that was a lot. Carolina said she had been to France seven times. I knew I had been to France seven or eight times myself.

Carolina seemed to disappear more and more into the shadows as I concentrated more and more on the other woman; I asked the woman if she could speak any languages. When she said she could speak Italian, I responded, "I wish I could speak Italian."

I mentioned that I had studied Latin in college and that I could even speak a little Latin. I was hoping she could speak a language which I spoke, such as German. I asked her if she could speak any other languages and she replied, "Egyptian."

Surprised, I told her I had never met an American who could speak Egyptian. I myself didn't even know anything about the Egyptian language.

The more I talked to the woman, the more I liked her. But just then, another woman whom I had previously met walked into the room. The second woman (about 25 years old) had long black frizzy hair. Chattering away, she walked up to me, put her arms around me and snuggled close to me. As she and I moved to the side of the room, I told her there was something which I might as well tell her now. She perceived I was going to tell her something which she didn't want to her. I then told her I was going to go to France soon and stay for a while. I had been planning the trip for quite a while. She was obviously upset; obviously she wanted to be with me. She asked me if I was going for the money. I told her no, the money was here. But if I stayed here, I would simply end up working for my father, and I didn't want to do that. I told her I would probably be in France for about a year.

She and I lay down with her on top of me. She looked as if she were going to start crying. Maybe she could go with me to France. I hesitated to take an American with me; but if she really cared about me and wanted to go with me, I might take her. I said, "Well, you can go with me."

We began kissing. I could feel her putting her hand down my pants. I had difficulty getting my tongue into her mouth because it was so dry; so I let a little saliva go from my mouth to hers. Then it was much easier.

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