Dream of: 20 January 2002 "A Buck"

Some people taking part in a television show called "The Survivors" were supposed to be appearing in an area not far from me; so I decided to visit the site. As I approached the area, I was high in the air, looking down on the sparsely-populated rural area. A road stretched out below me. I could see a small single-winged airplane sitting on the ground. Some people were running along the road; they looked like people who lived in this area, not the people for whom I was searching. I continued flying until I finally landed near a small country store.

I walked into the store. A television in the store was turned on; but nothing was on about the people or the show in which I was interested. I asked two or three people if they had heard about the show (something was wrong with my voice; I couldn't speak loudly), but no one had heard anything. Someone finally asked me how I had arrived here and I responded that I had flown in. A husky man then asked me if I knew how long a "buck" was (apparently a buck was some kind of airplane); he was testing me to see if I really knew anything about flying. I told him a buck was about four inches long. He said that I was lying, that I didn't know anything about planes, that I was not a pilot.

He then placed the flat part of his palm on one of my teeth. He was getting ready to use his other hand to hit the elbow of the arm with the hand on my tooth and knock out my tooth. I stopped him and told him if he knocked out my tooth, I would have him killed. I said, "If you hurt me in any way, if you do any serious bodily injury, or if you hurt my children, any of my children, I will kill you. I know people who will do. I've done it many times."

When he hesitated, I put my hand on his head and pushed him back. I continued, "All these people here, after you're dead, will know who killed you. But they won't be able to prove it."

He was obviously backing down. I then proceeded to tell him in excruciating detail exactly what a buck was.

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