Dream of: 10 January 2002 "Spirit Of The Mountain"

I was walking through some land owned by the federal government – something like a park. The land stretched out at the base of a tall hill. I finally stopped, bent over, and began grubbing in the ground. I first found a few pieces of interesting-looking rock. Then, in some mud, I found something larger, about the size of an egg. When I picked up the object and wiped it off, I was astonished by what I saw – it was a small skull about three centimeters long. The skull wasn't hollow, but solid. Part of the back was broken off, but the top and front were intact. I gave a little gasp at my discovery. I was going to tell someone standing near me what I had found; but I caught myself and I didn't say anything. I could hardly believe the skull was valuable or important… and yet it might be. It was against the law to keep anything found here, but I wanted the skull, and after deliberation, I decided to keep it. I stuck the skull into my left pocket and the tiny pieces of stone into my right pocket; then I headed to the exit.

I had to pass through a building and then through a metal detector. I figured I could exit without problems because the metal detector wouldn't be able to detect the little skull, which wasn't made of metal. But to my, chagrin a bell went off as I walked through the detector, and a woman stepped up to me. Probably in her mid 30s, she was well-dressed and very polite. She led me to a little room, where I immediately began trying to defend myself; I told her I had never found anything before. From my right pocket I pulled out the little rocks, which now looked like parts of shinny pennies which had been cut up into pieces. The woman wasn't interested in these and she seemed unconcerned that I had them.

Finally, I pulled the little skull out of my right pocket and handed it to the woman. As she took the skull from me, she appeared overwhelmed with joy. She said something about the skull being finally returned. Apparently the skull had been found once before, but then had become lost. The woman said the skull was the "spirit of the mountain" on that land. She was extremely happy.

Obviously I had done something great; but I had ruined my accomplishment by having tried to keep the skull. I asked the woman if there were any chances I could get out of this. She indicated that I might escape punishment, but that I would have to go through a tedious process.


My father and I were walking up the hill beside the Gallia County Farmhouse, headed toward the Cabin. He was chastising me for having kept the skull, and he indicated I had ruined my life. I replied, "My life is not over."

I felt guilty for having tried to keep the skull, but I also felt I had time to rectify my mistake with some good deed.

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