Dream of: 21 December 2001 "Malfunctioning Brakes"

I was sitting in the driver's seat of a parked car. Other cars were parked in front of me, and people were gathered all around – some people were even sitting on the front of my car. Wanting to roll down the windows, I turned the key in the ignition so I could get power for the windows; but in the process I actually turned the car on. When the car began moving forward, people began screaming at me. I managed to put the car in reverse; but now I was unable to stop the car from moving backwards. I pressed on the brakes to no avail. I steered the car out onto a road, still trying to stop the car with the brakes. At times I was able to slow down slightly, but I continued speeding along for several kilometers.

With difficulty I managed to steer the backward-moving car to Jon's house and come to a stop. When I got out of the car, Jon came out and greeted me. He looked well (probably 30 years old). When I told him I had been having problems with the brakes, he immediately went into action. He walked over to a large tractor and climbed on. I asked him if he intended to pull me. He said no, that he only intended to go with me. When he started up the tractor and drove off, I followed. I continued to have problems with the brakes, but with Jon leading the way, I was able to manage.

As I followed Jon, I could hear him speaking, as if he were reading something. I recalled that Jon had written and published several books. His writing of the books seemed a little strange, because he didn't appear to be literary. But he would sometimes just disappear by himself, apparently to go off and write books. So he was actually quite the literary person although he didn't appear that way on the surface. 

We arrived at a repair garage; I drove in and parked the car. I then walked into the office and spoke with a thin man whom I had met once before. After we had talked for a few minutes I walked back out to the car. I was stunned to find that someone was already examining the car. However, the person was studying the car stereo system, not the brakes. I was aware that my stereo wasn't working; but the stereo wasn't my problem at the moment – I needed new brakes. So when the person told me that a new stereo system could be installed for $2,931 (an enormous amount in my opinion) I blurted, "No way," and informed him that I needed brakes and not a stereo. I told him that I wanted him to first check the brakes to ascertain whether they simply needed adjustment. Then we began negotiating the cost of new brakes. He gave me a price of $640. I asked him if he could do the job for $600 (it was just like me to try to bargain); but he said the business had been going through a hard stretch and he would have to charge the full $640. I finally said, "Go ahead and do it."

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