Dream of: 03 December 2001 "Livy"

I had been reading quite a bit of Latin lately. At present I was sitting in a room and reading some Latin by Livy. When the room gradually began filling up with students, I realized Oprah Winfrey was going to conduct a class here. Winfrey walked in and the class began. I had difficulty understanding what was going on; but as people walked up to the blackboards and began writing on them, I began to see this was some kind of sociology class, but with a lot of numbers and math involved. The students were trying to determine how many people were required to complete different kinds of jobs. 

Winfrey noticed me and she invited me to stay. I wasn't particularly interested in what she was teaching. I was much more interested in history and I thought to myself Winfrey herself would be better off if she would become more of a historian than a sociologist; but obviously she was involved in her own work. I also had the feeling she knew that I was more interested in history and that I had read Livy, and that she respected what I was doing. Unfortunately I didn't have a particular use for the things I was learning. I remained and followed the sociology lesson along for awhile, even though it really didn't much appeal to me. 

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