Dream of: 29 November 2001 "Paper Maché Christ"

I had moved into a room in a run-down rooming house. Two other rooms were also available, and when I had first rented my room, no one else had lived in the other two rooms. The three rooms were arranged in a line next to each other. I had taken one on the end. After I had rented my room, I looked at the middle room and saw that it actually had a couple rooms - more space - and I wondered if I had made the right choice. The middle room had white paint on the walls which was peeling and I thought how much better it would look if the walls were painted. Of course renters tended not to paint. I was only planning to stay there temporarily. I still had another place where I was living and so now I was paying rent for two places.

My wife Carolina walked into the room with a marijuana joint. She lit it up and we both took a hit. This was apparently the first time she had ever smoked anything and I thought it interesting that she would be smoking something. The joint had some tin foil wrapped around the end that went in the mouth. As soon as we had smoked, I realized we were in a house where other people were living and I told her to put out the joint. I started looking for something such as spray deodorant to spray under the door to mask the smell. The door was partially open. 

Carolina left and I was left sitting alone in the room. A couple black fellows walked in (15-16 years old). One even stood on my bed. They looked around the room and then walked back out into the common area. I looked around the room. I had several stereo components, but nothing else of value, although I did have some valuables stashed away in drawers in the room. I realized the blacks had probably been casing the place, but I didn't know what I could do about it. I decided to go outside.

I stood up and walked outside into a common area where other people were. The two black fellows were sitting there. When I got ready to go back in, I realized I had locked myself out. I called Carolina from a phone in the common area. She was about a block away. I told her I was coming to her because she had a key. As I was getting ready to leave, I poured some water into a sink. No pipes were under the sink and the water gushed out all over the floor. Several people groaned. Apparently everyone knew about the missing pipes but me. There were no mops. Some water had even flowed down into a heat vent on the floor. No one seemed concerned, so I was going to move on.

When I walked outside the house, I was accompanied by a very pretty girl about 15 years old whom I had only met the day before. She was dressed in blue and she also lived in the rooming house. 

Once outside, I intended to walk, but my father (only abut 40 years old) showed up and directed me onto a bus which we both boarded. The bus took off and traveled block after block until I realized we were headed south, the wrong direction. I became upset with my father because he had directed me onto a bus going the wrong way. He didn't seem to really care, and after about 20 blocks, the girl and I finally climbed back off.

We started across the street. The traffic took off. I jumped. Crossing the street was a mess. We got across, walked a short ways, then walked into an office because I thought for some reason I needed to go in there. I forgot that I was looking for Carolina.

We walked inside. It was a doctor's office where 30-40 people were waiting in the waiting room. I decided I wanted to see the doctor. I told the receptionist, a woman, that I was there and she told me to have a seat. This was a special kind of doctor called a "DNA doctor," but he seemed to specialize in nutrition and prescribing the right foods. I wasn't sure why I was there, but I decided to stay anyway. I had a good feeling about the doctor, about who he was and what he was doing, so I was willing to sit and wait, even though I knew the wait would be long. Finally a few people began clearing out. It seemed as if the doctor was seeing them quickly. He came on a speaker once and told two patients to come in. I had a vision of him in my mind - probably a foreigner, tall dark-haired man. 

 The girl and I waited together, until I finally stood and walked around into a labyrinth of rooms. One room seemed decorated with religious paraphernalia. A paper maché statue of Christ stood in the room. In another room, all kinds of little toys were on the floor -- some fast food toys. 

I continued walking and passed a mirror. I looked at myself. I had very long good-looking blondish-brown hair which I hadn't cut in years. I was arrogantly proud of my hair. It did look very good. 

I walked into another room. I couldn't believe the three guys I saw sitting on the couch: Austin, Wood and another fellow (all of whom had been schoolmates in high school). They were well aware of who I was. I thought they were probably surprised by the length of my hair. I sat down with them. I thought about the girl, who had walked off on her own, wandering around. She would probably show up and everyone would be surprised to see a young girl wandering around there with me. At one time I would have been wary and a little ashamed to have a young girl, but it was just part of my life and that was just the way it was.

I sat down. We started talking and it became evident they had been reading my dreams on my web site. That became the central topic of conversation. I had anticipated that someday I would run into people who had read my dreams. It soon became clear that many people had been reading my dreams that I hadn't been aware of. I was particularly interested in Austin because I knew I had had many earlier dreams of him which I hadn't yet put on the web site. I was interested in what he thought. It turned out that everyone was quite impressed with what they had been reading. They didn't understand why I had written the dreams, but they were intrigued with the project. Austin in particular seemed intrigued. He had never expected I would so something like this.

They were particularly interested in the quantity of dreams. I told them that I had only posted about half of everything, that I still hadn't posted about 50% of dreams which were prior to the ones I had already posted. I specifically thought about Austin's being in many of the earlier dreams which I hadn't yet posted on the website. I was still in the process of posting and coordinating them all. This was still a work in progress and I would feel much better about discussing it once everything was published. 

As we talked another fellow who obviously recognized me walked up. I asked him his name and he told me, but I didn't understand what he had said. A woman was with him. Everyone looked about 25-30 years old. This fellow stood in front of us. By now I was feeling self-important. They were all talking among themselves about my dreams and I was trying to discern what they were saying. It turned out that they had formed a committee and they were contemplating having someone sit down across from me at a table and talk with me about what I was doing. I thought to myself that the only person who had reacted adversely to my web site was my sister. Everyone else had reacted favorably. I wondered if I should mention to them that one person had objected to what I was writing. I decided not to say anything. Everyone else seemed to appreciate the writing, so why bring up my sister.

These people also had reacted favorably, but they wanted someone to talk with me. The fellow said something about "Antioch." I didn't know to what he was referring and I asked, "Is that a mental institute?"

I said that because I had the feeling that some people thought I was crazy. The fellow thought it funny that I should say that, because he wasn't talking about a mental institute at all. He didn't think I was crazy and in fact he admired what I was doing. He said, no, that it was some kind of "learning institute," some kind of college. They were trying to put together a scholarship so I could be taught. They thought I needed to learn something about what I was doing. They had already found someone to talk to me about this: Mary Taylor (a former law school classmate). This all came as a surprise to me that these people would be taking such an interest in me.

I was wondering if my young girlfriend would come out now and what they would think when they saw her, because I knew that many young girls appeared in my dreams and that here I would actually have one in real life. It didn't bother me. I thought it would be interesting to see how they would react. 

Austin was sitting next to me on my left. He looked at me and said, "Batters Up." By that I knew he was saying my time had come. I was at the plate in a sense because of my writing these dreams, and much would happen to me now. It was time for me to step up to the plate.  

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