Dream of: 24 November 2001 "Star-Filled Sky"

Two other fellows (all of us were in the military) and I had traveled to Iran. One man was my old friend Mike Walls; the other looked like George Clooney. I was wearing bulky army boots and we all had guns. We were sitting in an airport or bus station, where we had been stuck for a while. I lost track of Walls for a moment, but then I saw he had stretched out on the floor behind the row of seats. I noticed his neck was quite red; then I noticed a woman sitting behind Walls had been pouring pepper on Walls' head. I told her to stop. But she paid me no mind, and again she poured pepper on Walls. I reached over, grabbed her by the face, and again ordered her to stop. I immediately realized I might have gone too far by grabbing the woman by the face; but her behavior was so ridiculous, I felt compelled to force her to stop. When Walls finally stood up, he had pepper all over his face; he might have even suffered permanent damage.

The woman (about 30 years old) stood to leave. She was quite attractive and had short black hair. She was an American, apparently a reporter. My companions and I followed her outside and watched as she walked over to an orange taxi-colored car (which she had apparently hidden) turned upside down. With almost no effort, she picked up the car and turned it over onto its wheels. The car appeared to have the roof smashed in; but actually it had no roof at all.

My companions and I immediately decided we were going to take the car from the woman: we were desperate to leave this place. And no one was in control here. A few Iranians were mingling around us, but the place was utterly lawless. After the woman had boarded the car in the driver's seat, I walked up to the car and forced her to move over, while I sat down where she had been sitting. My companions jumped into the back. The woman was angry we were commandeering her car, but I told her there was nothing she could do about it. I rather enjoyed knowing that we were in control, and that the woman was powerless to stop us.

I started the car and began driving. We appeared to be in some sort of military compound. As I headed toward the exit, I could see Iranian solders standing there. I told my two companion in back to get their guns ready. If we had to, we would blast our way out of here. I said, "We're not stopping for anybody."

As I drove through the exit, the Iranian guards looked at us, but they didn't try to stop us. I turned onto the dirt road outside the compound. A motorcycle passed us as we headed down the road. The sky was dark, filled with stars. I felt so happy to be free of the compound. From our roofless car I looked straight up into the stars. I raised up my head and felt like singing, "La di la di la," into the night sky.

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